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Frequently Asked Questions


MyEzApp is the easiest and most powerful way on the web to build personal cloud applications. Leveraging the powerful online application builder and Star Script programming language, myezapp.com is simple, powerful, and most of all fun!

Want to create an online journal? How about a software program to catalog your wine collection? With myezapp.com, you can do those and so much more without spending hours understanding complicated programming languages. The myezapp.com application builder and Star Scripting language make it all possible.


MyEzApp not only stores your files and data, but also runs your programs. This allows you a lot of control over your online experience. For example, if you don't like the style or layout of your page, you can easily change it. Adding an additional piece of information to a page or even creating a new page is simple and easy to do.

The MyEzApp service gives you the most freedom on the Internet to create any kind of web-based application without the hassle of running and monitoring your own servers. Unlike other online services, which only give you access to the application's UI, MyEzApp provides you access to the complete source code of your application. This gives you ultimate control over how it operates, looks, works, and, more importantly, ensuring that there is no malicious code in your application.


You can install any applications on the MyEzApp application marketplace. Right now, it contains 15 applications ranging from personal applications such as Ez Notes to small business application like asset and issue tracking. More applications will be added to the marketplace in the future. If you have a great application idea and cannot find the exact application on the marketplace. You are encouraged to build it yourself using the application builder.


Star Script is the programming language upon which the MyEzApp website is built. It is also the programming language for developing applications in the MyEzApp service. We believe that Star Script is the easiest to learn and use programming language for developing web applications. This is because Star Script is very tolerant with source code. In fact, Star Script tries to process arbitrary input programs! With just a little bit of practice, you can begin writing Star Script programs in just a matter of minutes. For example, if you want to display the text 'Hello World!' in your browser, your Star Script program would be exactly:

Hello World!

You don't need to understand complicated programming language structures (like Java and C) to start using Star Script. Of course, developing more advanced and complicated applications will require you to understand basic object-oriented programming concepts but you can start building basic web applications without that knowledge.

Star Script has powerful component support. You can define components easily and assemble applications from components using a custom tag syntax, just like you would do with the furniture you get from IKEA. For example, if you want to display a google map inside a page, you can write a script such as:

use /comp/ezpage use /comp/googlemap <ezpage>   <googlemap address='Santa Clara, CA'/> </ezpage>

If you can master HTML for creating web pages, it will be easy for you to learn Star Script to build dynamic web applications. For more information, please refer to the language Tutorial and Reference.


The MyEzApp web site is implemented in Star Script which contains all the essential functions for building web applications. At a high level, Star Script contains the following libraries:

- Language extension: such as string, number processing. - IO operation: such as file, directory, etc - Basic data structure: map, list, etc - Web: http request, response processing - Web Component: pages, tabs, header, footer, etc - Service API: sending email, making phone call, etc.

From the design perspective, Star Script supports native functions that can directly call libraries written in other programming languages. Currently, the only supported language is Java. We plan to support all relevant JDK functions on MyEzApp. However, for security reasons, we do not allow user-defined native functions on the MyEzApp web site. You can only create native functions with the standalone version of Star Script compiler. If you have any Java libraries that you want to use on MyEzApp, please let us know. So that we can evaluate support for those libraries within MyEzApp.


We plan to support other programming languages on MyEzApp in the future. At the moment, only Star Script is supported. Other types of resources are sent to the browser without being processed. You can use MyEzApp to serve static HTML/JS/CSS/Image and run Star Script programs.


We take security very seriously. We have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that the user programs are running in isolated Sandbox environment and access control are implemented properly. MyEzApp supports HTTPS and we encourage you to use HTTPS to securely communicate with the MyEzApp web site.


By default, all your data is private. Nothing is shared. If you want to share any files or applications with other people, you need to explicitly grant the permission.


MyEzApp.com is mostly free if you are using pages that contains the myezapp header and footer. We plan to display ads in the header and footer to support the free service. However, if you are building white label pages or using paid API such as phone call APIs. You need to pay with usage points. Please find detailed pricing information on the pricing page.

The rate we are charging for the usage points is very low. It is roughly what we might get from advertising (based on industry average). The idea is simple: either you allow us to display advertisement, or you pay at the rate of an advertiser and control every pixel of your page.