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Since MyEzApp.com is still in beta, there is no charge for using the service right now. We reserve the right to terminate your account if we detect any abusive activity.

The future pricing of MyEzApp.com will be based on a simple idea. If you allow us to display advertisement on your page, the page rendering will be free. If you don't want any ads on your page, you need to pay at the average rate of an advertiser.

Translated into detailed terms. Using MyEzApp is mostly free, except the below three cases: - white label page : when your script is not displaying the MyEzApp header/footer. - static resource : such as photos or static HTML files - non-free API : such as telephone API

The non-free service works on a usage basis. Upon signup, you will receive 10,000 signup points. Afterwards, you can purchase additional usage points.

The burden of points is on the script owner. No points are deducted from your point balance for accessing a script, file, or application that has been shared with you! For your own script, if you display the MyEzApp header and footer, it is also free, which includes most applications on the marketplace and applications generated by database application builders.

When you run out of points, the system will send reminder to your registration email address. You need to purchase additional points to bring your account back to positive balance. If you fail to bring your account back to positive balance within the grace period - usually 7 days, we may suspend your account and your pages will no longer be active. You can still access system scripts such as your account page, or applications shared with you by other users. They are not affected by your account balance.


Upon signup, you will receive 10,000 points as signup bonus.

Once you are low on your point balance, you should refill your account to prevent service interruption. To refill, please go to the Account page and use PayPal to purchase additional points. Below is the current rate for purchasing points:

  • 30000 Points: $9.98 USD
  • 60000 Points: $18.98 USD
  • 100000 Points: $29.98 USD
  • 200000 Points: $56.98 USD


In most cases, we don't charge you any usage points.

For displaying white label pages, the rate we are charging is very low. It is roughly what we might get from advertising (based on industry average), about $3.3 per thousand dynamic page views and $0.3 per thousand static page views. The idea is, if you don't want us to display advertisement, you will need to pay at the rate of an advertiser.

Below is the detailed rate table:

Using System Script Free $0.00
Using Shared Script Free $0.00
Downloading Shared Files Free $0.00
Uploading Files Free $0.00
Storage Below 200M Free $0.00
Script Run (with MyEzApp header/footer) Free $0.00
Script Run (without MyEzApp header/footer) 10 points per run $0.0033 per run
Static File 1 point per 500k download $0.0003 per 500k download
Sending Email 30 points per email $0.01 per email
Making Phone Call 150 points per call $0.05 per phone call
Sending Text Message 150 points per message $0.05 per text message
Storage Above 200M 100 points per 100M per month $0.033 per 100M per month


On the MyEzApp web site, users own all scripts/files under the path starting with their user id. For example, all the resources under http://s.myezapp.com/demo1/ belongs to the user 'demo1'.

Resources are arranged in a tree structure, much like the folder structure you will find in your desktop computer. To run a script or download a file from a user's account, you simply append the path of the script/file after the user id. For example, if the user 'demo1' creates a script called 'test.ws' under the folder 'myfolder'. This script can be executed using the URL http://s.myezapp.com/demo1/myfolder/test.ws

By default, all scripts and files are private. Nothing is shared automatically. Therefore, users can only run scripts or download files of their own. To share a file or a script, a user needs to explicitly grant the permission through the Sharing page.


Your account balance is displayed in the Account page. Please check your account balance regularly to make sure that you have sufficient points to keep your application running.

If you want to check your usage history, you can download the complete usage details from the Usage Details page. The usage detail file is comma delimited. It contains the below information:

  • Owner: the user who is paying for the usage of the resource
  • Amount: number of points deducted from the owner's account balance
  • Timestamp: the time the resource is accessed. it is the number of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970 GMT
  • User: the user that actually used the resource.
  • IP: this field is reserved for future usage.
  • Resource: the path of the resource


MyEzApp service is free for basic usage and will charge a low fee for extended usage.