- Smart Personal Cloud
Hello World Application
Hello World Application is a very basic application. It consists of a page with page header, footer and a simple greeting text. It helps setting up all the basic files an application needs. It is the starting point for building more sophisticated application.
Database Application
Database Application helps you to manage your personal information. You can freely define your own data objects, their structure and relationships. The application builder will generate a database application for you, which has all the basic database functions such as data entry, update, delete, filtering, sorting, reporting etc. You can use the generated application directly or use it as a base to build more advanced applications.
Landing Page
Landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement. You can use it to promote your site, product, service or introduce a coming product. The landing page wizard allows you to create a landing page quickly.
PreBuilt Applications
There are many personal or small business applications in the Application Marketplace. You can install and customize them as you wish. They all come with complete source code and free to install!
New Application Ideas
MyEzApp is a general purpose platform. It can build many more types of web applications. We are working on some of those. If you have any new application ideas? Please let us know.